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Positive methods. Positive results.
That's our approach.

Don't just dream about having a well-behaved, polite dog . . . let us help you train your dog to be the great companion you want. Overcome behavior problems and teach your dog good manners while you build a healthy, loving lifetime relationship together.

Dog Training for Family Dogs

Whether your objective is turning around a problem behavior or starting out on the right track with your new best friend, we can help.

Call us to: 

  • End rowdy behavior, such as jumping, mouthing, stealing and destructiveness
  • Ease fearful and aggressive behaviors
  • Train the fundamentals of good behavior to your puppy or adult dog

Our positive approach motivates your dog to learn good manners with stress-free methods, making good behavior fun and long-lasting.

Positive methods are fun for everyone

We encourage your whole family to participate in training your dog. It's a fun experience and helps your dog build a strong relationship with every member of the family.

Services provided:

  • Rewards-based positive reinforcement training
  • Group classes in a spacious, climate controlled training center
  • Private training sessions in your home or wherever is most appropriate to your dog's training needs
  • Specialized behavior modification for complex behavioral problems such as reactivity and aggression, fearful behaviors, separation anxiety, and more
  • Behavioral consultation and problem-solving; development of training plans and check point evaluations
  • Expertise of Certified Professional Dog Trainers

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Just for fun! Wondering about Positive Reinforcement training? Check out this video!